You Take Yourself With You

One of my children complained that a class mate she didn’t like was placed next to her for the third time in a row – despite the rearrangement of tables and places in her 4th grade class. “So what do you want to do”? I asked. She answered, “I want to tell the teacher that […]

An Abundant Life

What does an Abundant Life mean to you? Does it mean ‘having’ or ‘being’ abundant? What is abundance anyway? It means an overflowing or a profusion of a quantity. It means having more than enough. The opposite of abundance is scarcity. Scarcity is not having enough of something. And what is this something? I see […]

Sending Love Creates Energy

Whether we realize it or not, we exist in an energy based world. The thoughts we think all day long create the personal world we inhabit. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Thoughts of lack, need, hate and other negative attitudes, create more of the same. On the other hand, when we inhabit thoughts of […]

To Whom Shall We Send Love?

Outside of your own nearest and dearest; your feathered and furry friends; your favorite TV characters or sports stars and pop idols, … the answer to Whom – is to everybody else. Yes, completely random folk. I like to do it in bed, in my armchair, in my car at a stop light, waiting in […]