FEELING is the Key

There is more to an ABUNDANT LIFE than ‘positive thinking’. It takes just a little more than sitting back and wishing on a star to achieve your desires. I often hear, ‘Oh but it’s too much like hard work’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’, or even ‘It’s alright for you – you’re just lucky’. Well, […]

You Are Loved

You are all beautiful, talented, gifted, AMAZING, individuals! I Send Love to each and every one of you reading this at whatever moment you choose to read. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this today, tomorrow, next year or in ten years. The moment you read this is your NOW. And that is all […]

Importance of Self-Belief

I really believe that we don’t get what we want in life; we get what we expect. What does that mean? Let us explore. In my last blog I posed the question, ‘how could the lady who WANTS a close relationship, get what she wants – without sabotaging herself in the process’? This lovely lady […]

The Abundant Life You Want (Is It What You Expect)?

Your power to change your future is in the Present Moment. This eternal NOW is our only window of power. Now if we could only get our heads round the above statements, we would be on our way to living the life that resides in our imagination. Sending Love Forward is in the NOW. Expressing […]