Thoughts Are Things 101

A couple of blogettes ago, I wrote a blog (What Are You Thinking)?. I commented, When we FEEL what we believe is TRUE about ourselves, whether it IS actually true or NOT, our powerful subconscious believes it and subsequently – as like attracting like – brings circumstances to our door that ‘satisfy’ the belief. But […]

You Are Loved

You are all beautiful, talented, gifted, AMAZING, individuals! I Send Love to each and every one of you reading this at whatever moment you choose to read. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this today, tomorrow, next year or in ten years. The moment you read this is your NOW. And that is all […]

To Whom Shall We Send Love?

Outside of your own nearest and dearest; your feathered and furry friends; your favorite TV characters or sports stars and pop idols, … the answer to Whom – is to everybody else. Yes, completely random folk. I like to do it in bed, in my armchair, in my car at a stop light, waiting in […]