Some of my clients tell me that they are practicing Visualizing that thing they desire, infusing their visions with emotion and feeling. That they practice giving Gratitude on a daily basis and that they Send Love to many people, which in turn raises their level of Quantum Vibrational Energy. All necessary for attracting to us […]

Creating the Life You Want

If we accept that We Create Our Lives with our thoughts, then why is that sometimes we don’t get what we want? I mean if you have been focusing on that specific desire but still no sign – what’s going on? There could be a couple of things happening. In my last blog (Thoughts Are […]

What Are You Thinking?

Recently we have discussed how what we want and what we expect in life, may not always be the same things. We really have to think about this critical point when we are doing everything else we can to attract to us the lives we desire. Thinking positive thoughts, Sending Love Forward and expressing daily […]

Importance of Self-Belief

I really believe that we don’t get what we want in life; we get what we expect. What does that mean? Let us explore. In my last blog I posed the question, ‘how could the lady who WANTS a close relationship, get what she wants – without sabotaging herself in the process’? This lovely lady […]

The Abundant Life You Want (Is It What You Expect)?

Your power to change your future is in the Present Moment. This eternal NOW is our only window of power. Now if we could only get our heads round the above statements, we would be on our way to living the life that resides in our imagination. Sending Love Forward is in the NOW. Expressing […]

How Being in the Now Attracts our Abundant Life

I hope you have given some thought to the importance of ‘Being in the Now’. Of appreciating THIS moment that we are in. THIS moment is the only one that matters in our energy field. When we feel love, gratitude, joy, in THIS moment, we carry those very powerful vibrations forward into the next moment […]

Being in the Now

I promised that I would discuss one other aspect of Creating Our Lives that is of the utmost importance. I believe that Sending Love Forward and expressing frequent Gratitude on a daily basis increases the ‘default mechanism’ of energy forming that ultimately leads to an Abundant Life. The third important aspect of Creating the Life […]